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Our mission

We help pet owners to care of and enjoy their pets.

Within more than 20 years COLLAR Company offers wide range of pet products for dogs, cats and aquatics. Company’s special approach to its mission is reflected in constant research, development and manufacturing extraordinary products which are predicting customer’s future needs.
COLLAR innovative pet products win evident interest and recognition worldwide among pet owners and specialists of international pet market. Moreover in 2017 PULLER Dog Fitness Tool and AiryVest became winners of international awards in petmarket of Europe and the USA.
International cooperation is conducted through offices located in the USA, Spain, Poland, China, Russia and the main office in Ukraine.
Innovation only
The company develops and manufactures bestselling products, unique for the world market.
Constant development
Every year the company presents new products at the world pet market and confidently expands the geography of its presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
We are the retail department of COLLAR Company.