A dog owner who is not familiar with retractable leashes is advised to take a closer look at how people walk their dogs. If you see that the animal moves away from the owner at a distance, follows some fascinating smell in the undergrowth - this is a dog that is walked with a roulette. An owner stands far from prickly bushes and unpleasant insects, watcheds the pet, because the dog walks on a retractable leash.

The roulette leash stretches and retracts when the pet moves. The coil with a string on the spring in the pocket compartment is untwisted when the animal extends the leash forward, then is retracts when the owner and the pet are approaching each other.

More expensive models have a brake, that will slow the dog down and “stop” it, fix the leash at the desired length.
Retractable leashes, as a rule, are more longer than a standard leash-cord, give the dog freedom and autonomy to explore the world around it, a person controls the movement of the animal.

Retractable dog leashes have many advantages over traditional fixed-length accessories, here are just a few of them:

This is a great learning tool. The length and lightweight construction of the leashes make the dog feel that it is not on a leash. This regulates out any behavioral deviations in an authentic learning environment.

A retractable leash gives the dog freedom in exploring the world autonomously, but control remains. It doesn't not use force to control the dog, as it happens with a fixed-length leash. The distance between the person and the pet is controlled gradually by pressure on the brake button. The length of the dog roulettes allows the animal to walk, for example, over rough terrain, a person remains on the islands of civilization.

Retractable leash is a great choice for walking with a large and strong dog when you are away from home. The guard and working dogs will receive the freedom by roulette.

A retractable dog leash satisfies all or most of the criteria below:

– Security

Evaluate how safe roulette is, taking into account the smoothness of the braking and stopping mechanism, the visibility of the tape and the presence of a flashlight (if any is) for a specific breed size.

– Design

Check the quality and visual appeal of the product, the number of proposed features and additions.

– The cost

Compare the price / quality ratio of the leash, taking into account the characteristics of the product and additional options of the item. Ask about the guarantee, and if it is, when it expires.