To teach to accept a leash in principle is not difficult. You only need to attach the leash to the collar and take the puppy out for a walk. Outside the puppy will meet a million unfamiliar and interesting things, which will distract it. So the puppy will completely forget about the leash. If a puppy sits, it is afraid and doesn’t even think of going anywhere, try to play with it using his favorite toy. You can also step aside for a distance of an extended leash and offer it some goodies.

So a puppy can forget about its fear and rush to try a treat or play with a toy. Puppies who are not yet three months old do not need to be taught to walk beside you. All because training involves some kind of punishment. At this age, it’s better to train the puppy not to pull on the leash. And the, after the puppy is three months old, you can teach it to walk next to you by the command as with an adult dog.

The very first time a puppy has gone for a walk with a leash, you can let him go without controlling him with a leash. Just leave the leash fastened to the collar. At first, you can let the puppy go without controlling it with a leash. So the puppy will feel less discomfort and will quickly get used to the leash. Also, do not remove the leash so that at any moment you can catch up and stop the puppy simply by stepping on this leash.