Our legislation has special paragraphs that deal with dog muzzles. The authorities persistently urge all dog breeders to observe public order. Muzzles are indicated to almost all dogs, and especially to those that weigh more than 15 kg and are distinguished by their large sizes. The dog muzzle is necessary while walking in parks and traveling in public transport.
Choosing a muzzle based on certain parameters.

They are the size of the muzzle, the material it is made of and its purpose. Also, do not forget about the breed and size of the animal.A muzzle which is designed to be worn for a long period of time should be comfortable so that the dog can breathe easily with open mouth . Otherwise, the pet can even get a heat stroke, which is unacceptable.

Fitting a Muzzle

Pay attention to ensure that the muzzle fits perfectly on the head of the animal. It should not fall and slip down if the dog begins to try to remove it. It is best to try on a muzzle before buying in order to prevent an annoying mistake.

The strap should contain enough holes to make the buckle fit, the muzzle should not touch the tip of the dog’s nose and press the chin firmly. Too loose muzzle also will be inconvenient in use . The locks on the product must be reliable to serve for a long time without breakage.

Some of four-legged friends are especially nimble and can cleverly pull off the muzzle by their paws. For such animals, enhanced protection are provided. These muzzles are made in the form of a closed model, which has a recessed lower part. The same option is suitable for a dog inclined to aggression.

Materials for Muzzle

Of a great importance is the material from which the accessory is made. Nowadays, a fairly rich assortment is presented in stores, so the choice should be more thorough and informed.

Nylon muzzles are lightweight and extremely soft. This option is perfect for traveling on public transport or visiting a veterinarian. This muzzle will fix the mouth and protect against surprises. However, such a model does not fit to aggressive dogs. If a dog misbehaves outside, picking up food from the ground, then such a collar also will not save from this mischief.

The model, made of the leather strips in the form of a mesh, will be convenient while traveling, as it has a compact size and sufficient softness. Choosing this option, you need to pay attention to the fact that the accessory should not be too small. The leather strip should pass through the forehead under the lower jaw and be extended to the neck strap, otherwise the animal can easily get rid of the muzzle.

Plastic muzzles also have their fans. The basket is made of plastic and fastened behind the dog’s ears with a strap. Such a muzzle is very light and inexpensive, but does not have the ability to fold.

The metal muzzles have high strength and reliability, but you need to pay attention to the presence of leather inserts in those places where the muzzle is in contact with the dog's skin in order to avoid the emergence of wounds and scuffs. Typically, these models are used on service dogs.

It also happens that a dog needs to make an individual muzzle. Usually special models are required for dogs with a short, very large or too tiny face